Buyer Beware

July 05, 2016

Buyer Beware

Please say NO to knockoffs!  There are many copies of the iconic Erik Buch Model 61 design and they are all very poorly made.  A very low price usually indicates poor craftsmanship.   Cheap construction, mystery wood, bad upholstery and unknown country of origin tend to characterize imitations.

Only on this Erik Buch website and at listed retailers will you find authentic Erik Buch designs.  How to spot a fake:

The words "Erik Buch style" always means this is a copy.  Control Brand (CHINA) is especially notorious for copying Danish design.

True Erik Buch Model 61 stools never have screws showing.  As you can see from this image, the stool is held together with screws.

A fat seat.  The upholstery on this copy is very poor indeed.

We thank you ahead of time for selecting quality and honest craftsmanship over a low priced imitation product.  We stand behind our products to ensure yours will continue to be the next generation's heirloom collectibles.

Size Guide
Erik Buch Model 61 Bar Stool Dimensions